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Week Beginning - 07/06/2021

Reading - Bug Club

Their username is the first 4 letters of their first name and the first four letters of their last name (if your name only has three letters then it is jus the first three letters of your first name and the first four of your last).

Their password is Dartmoor19

The school code is babb

For example:

Username: kareryde

Password: Dartmoor19

School code: babb


Homework and Spellings

Spellings - Please find attached this weeks spellings - there are 7 for the children to learn, if you are finding it a challenge just have a go at the first 4 in red.


Maths - There is a Maths problem solving activity attached - This problem encourages children to find multiple ways of finding totals. Rather than rushing on to the next calculation or in this case, target number, mathematical thinking can be developed by finding the target number in another way. For example, 7 = 4 + 3 and 7 = 4 + 2 + 1 and 7 = 3 + 2 + 2 etc.


Show the vehicles on the homework activity sheet , As you point to each vehicle, say the number that corresponds to the number of wheels it has. For example, as you point to the bike, say 2, (not 2 wheels), as you point to the car, say 4. Ask: What do you notice? Elicit that the numbers you say relate to the number of wheels on each vehicle.


Once the children have made the connection between the vehicle and the number of wheels,
ask a few addition problems such as, 1 car + 1 bike = ? or 2 bikes + 1 lorry = ?


Encourage the children to work systematically, first using a unicycle to represent 1. Then move
on to making 2 by using a bike OR 2 unicycles to emphasise the need to find multiple ways of
making each number.


Reading comprehension - I have attached a reading comprehension activity (there are 3 different levels of text so please pick the one best suited to your child.)



School Motto

Living, loving and learning forever; being the best you can be as we journey together

Mission Statement

Love, Joy, Courage, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope