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9.00-9.30 Why not start the day with some exercise?

PE with Joe on his you tube channel (Mon, Weds and Fr)


9.30-10.00 Maths- compare objects within 50

Link to live lesson will be posted on Dojo


The following video could be used in the place of the live lesson if you are unable to attend.


Task- Fill in the worksheet compare objects within 50 to follow up the learning we have done together.


Don’t forget you can login to Numbots for some Maths fun.


10.10.45 Phonics - split digraph i-e

Sorry there is no live Phonics lesson today.


Task- Label the pictures with the i-e words.


We are relooking at the split digraph i-e today. You could either use the teaching slides saved below to revise this (although some slides will not work so well if viewed in a format other than a powerpoint presentation)

Altherantivley, the link below takes you to a lesson about the split digraph i-e or if you are confident you could go straight to the worksheet and practice reading and writing using our new sound.


If you are looking for some extra phonics fun. Try this interactive game. Help the frog get across the road by jumping onto the real words. Why not select this week’s focus sound to practice? You can pick any phase if you would prefer a different level of challenge.


11.00- 11.30 English -

Link to live lesson on Dojo.

Task-  Silly question writing. Write some silly questions inspired by the book. Don’t forget to use the correct punctuation!


1.00 – 1.20 Reading - use this time for some reading/sharing a book.

Bug club. Spend at least 10-15mins reading every day if you can. Each child has a unique homepage and can log into it by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the login details. (User name is the first 4 letters of your child first name followed by the first 4 letters of their surname with no space between. For example mine would be vickqiri).
  3. Password is Dartmoor19 and school ID is babb
  4. Your child’s homepage will appear and you can access the book allocated in My stuff.
  5. I have allocated a book for every child- bear with me as I get the correct levels set etc. By reading the books and doing the quizzes will help me to do this.

History - Inventors

Task – Learn what some of the inventors shown in the teaching slides invented. Can you match the people to the inventions? You could research this online or use the teaching slides. Pick some that interest you. Which do you think were the most important inventions? And why?

School Motto

Living, loving and learning forever; being the best you can be as we journey together

Mission Statement

Love, Joy, Courage, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope

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