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9am Cosmic yoga


9.30- 10.00 Live maths lesson- One more one less

Link for live lesson on Dojo


The following video could be used in the place of the live lesson if you are unable to attend.


Task- Continue and complete the worksheet from yesterday.

10.30-10.40 Spellings

There were no spellings set over the half term break but it would be excellent if you could practice your Year 1 common exception words (these are words that children should be able to spell by the end of Year 1). See the attached sheet with the Year 1 and 2 words. Pick out a handful that you do not know yet and work on those.  Perhaps if you are confident with the year 1 words you could make a start with the year 2 words!

10.40-10.50 Handwriting

Practice the letters that you personally need to work on. (perhaps you need to remember to put descenders below the line like in the letter y). See the reminder mat to check you are doing all of the things that you should be.

Or you could learn to join the letters er and ed .   Watch these videos showing you how to join the letters.

11.00 English

Link for live lesson on Dojo


Task- put the instructions in the correct order.


1.00 Reading comprehension

 Pick one of the two reading comprehension pieces (on the same document) and answer the questions about the text. 


2.00- 2.220 Music

You will need something to make a beat on. It could be you clapping your hands or a saucepan and wooden spoon- up to you what you use.

Follow this link. Start the video- it will show you a basic beat- can you do this too? When you have mastered the first one can you have a go and the next one by clicking the arrow? Try as many different beats as you like. Can you make up your own beat?

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Living, loving and learning forever; being the best you can be as we journey together

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Love, Joy, Courage, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope

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