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Morning Work

You will find a Word of the Day sheet and answers, Fluent in 5, Rapid Reasoning and a Daily News for your Morning Work if you would like to give this a go.



Today we are going to be exploring different types of instructions (there will be some on activelearn for you to read through). While you are reading through the different examples, I would like you to think about the similarities and differences between them all. Now try and create a list of features that are needed in instructional texts. There is an annotated copy of our model text, which shows how you can include the text features and year 6 grammar features into your writing. Use this to help you throughout the week.

Make a list of the features for instructions and explain the purpose of each feature.



There is a YouTube link for today's spelling lesson. The lesson focus is words ending in 'tial' and 'cial'.



Today, to continue our decimals topic, we are looking at multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. This will be work from Power Maths and you can access the workbook for today's lesson on your active learn login.


I will add the YouTube link for you to listen to today's chapters. There is also a vocabulary and comprehension sheet for you to complete alongside.


Topic - Art

Watch this video about Austin's butterfly -

Use the skills that Austin used and think about using your scientific eye to draw a picture of the animal you wrote a report on last week. Once you have drawn a first draft, think about how you can improve the drawing and create another draft (similar to Austin). Keep going until you feel the drawing is as close to the original picture as you can get it and then add colour. Remember to send me your drawings!


Safer Internet Day
Today is Safer Internet Day. There is a booklet you could complete which talks about our digital footprints. Here is a video to watch about staying safe online -

School Motto

Living, loving and learning forever; being the best you can be as we journey together

Mission Statement

Love, Joy, Courage, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope

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