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Early Work

Word of the Day - can you find synonyms of today's word and complete the sentence? What word type is it? What is the definition of the word?


Fluent in 5 - Don't forget to show how you worked out the answers. Will you need a number line? Can you use a bar model? What about using a part, whole model?


TT Rockstars/Numbots - Can you do 10/15 minutes of TT Rockstars or Numbots


News Assembly -



WALT: Solve correspondence problems
In today's lesson, we will be continuing to explore correspondence problems. The sheets for today's lesson are not in the packs that have been collected as this is an additional lesson. Please don't print anything off today as the children can complete their work on paper. We won't be moving on to Area this week and we will do that when the children return to school next week. We will also have some World Book Day problems to try and solve together.


Today's PowerPoint can be found as an attachment in today's files.


Flashback 4 - Can you work out the answers? What strategy are you going to use?
*Please don't start this until our Maths lesson.



WALT: Write a Fantasy Story based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In English, the children will be sharing their stories so far, we will be having a World Book Day Quiz and I will be reading the final chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Word Blocks - How many words can you make? Can you work out the nine letter word? Why don't you challenge your Mum or Dad?
*Don't start this until the start of our English lesson please!



Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Chapter 30 - Charlie's Chocolate Factory

As part of the World Book Day celebrations, I will be reading the final chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the end of our English Lesson.


English Games

There are some amazing English games here. Why don't you follow the link and have a go?


World Book Day Cardboard Tube Challenge

The brief is to create your favourite book character using cardboard tubes (toilet rolls) in their original cylindrical shape. Please see the attached information sheet for more details. Please don't forget to send me your pictures! 


School Motto

Living, loving and learning forever; being the best you can be as we journey together

Mission Statement

Love, Joy, Courage, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope

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