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Friday 5th March 2021


9am - Joe Wicks PE session: Live 20-minute PE session


9.30am - Phonics

WALT: Blending and Segmenting phase 3 letters and sounds

Live Phonics lesson - See Class Dojo for Zoom link

 If you are unable to attend please use the letters and sounds video: Lesson 15, review and practise blending

Phonics Activity- linked activity - see below for Family Presents Activity


10.15am - Break & Snack time


10.45am - Number story time – Number Blocks ‘Blast Off’


11am - Maths

WALT: Making 10

See Class Dojo for Zoom Link

White rose video if you prefer:

Session 5

Maths Activity- linked activities see below - Whiterose Maths Session 5 activity, additional optional activity - Ladybird making 10. Challenge - can you write add calculations to go with your ladybirds?


12-1pm - Lunch Time


1.30pm - Live Lesson –

Great Babbacombe Biscuit Challenge!


This Friday to mark the end of home learning and the start of British Science Week we are running a whole school science experiment.
We would like you all to take part!
What do you need - three different types of biscuit, a cup or glass for dunking and if possible the experiment results page. (which I have attached)

Then join the zoom and let the fun begin!

See Class Dojo for Zoom Link


2pm - Breaktime and then Wellbeing Time

Spend the rest of the afternoon doing something that you enjoy and that makes you happy! There are lots of things you can do despite the restrictions and I’d love to hear what you’ve chosen to do. Have a great time!



School Motto

Living, loving and learning forever; being the best you can be as we journey together

Mission Statement

Love, Joy, Courage, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope

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